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Here you will find summary lists of recent artistic seasons, past productions, and community building projects. In addition, you'll see a summary list of our Victoria-based projects.

2007/2008/2009 Seasons

2005-2006 Season

2004-2005 Season

2003-2004 Season

Past Productions

Victoria Projects

Community Building Projects

2007/2008/2009 Seasons

Origins Theatre Projects presents
The first public reading of this new play

Magdelena’s Monster
By Kim Seary

A Medieval Princess--with a lap-top--on a sacred quest, an Amazon warrior run-away, and an ancient demented Earth Mother, are all trapped in a cave with a giant water-monster! How will they cope?

Saturday, August 25, 8:30 PM
Pacific Theatre
@ 12th and Hemlock

The superb group of theatre artists involved in this project include: Nancy Baye, Erin Graham, Dolores Drake, & Richard Lett
Director: Teresa Vandertuin
Producers: Kim Seary and Shannon Ryan

A wine & cheese reception after the reading.
Donations will be gratefully accepted

Limited Seating, call now to reserve

INFORMATION: 604-739-7663 or kseary@telus.net

Kim Seary (photo by Sheelah Urquhart)

Kim graduated from Studio 58's acting program in 1978. A three-time Jesse nominee, she received the Best Actress Award in 1985 for her portrayal of Dot in the collective creation "Sex Tips for Modern Girls".

As playwright, productions of "Madame Scotchtape" and "Hot Flashes" and "The Beautiful Thing" have received critical acclaim. She is an acting teacher, director, and facilitator for new work. Kim sings with the "Voices Rising" Jazz ensemble and "The Outskirts", an a capella trio.

Kim's work with Origins includes her current work as an Associate Artist as well as directing a workshop reading of Yellow On Thursdays and as the Assistant Director for Ambushed. Kim is grateful to the company for this opportunity, and thanks all the artists involved.

I Met a Man in Jenin: solo performance by Noah Lepawsky

August 22nd to 26th, 2007 Opening: Wednesday August 22nd, 2007, 8:00pm-9:00pm. WORLD PREMIERE

Gallery Gachet - link
88 East Cordova Street, Vancouver

Doors at 7:30pm, Show at 8:00pm
Matinee on Sunday, August 26th at 6:00pm

10-15$ sliding scale - Aug 24-26
Pay what you can on Wed 22/Thurs 23

Noah Lepawsky

Noah Lepawsky is a graduate of Studio 58 acting program at Langara. In the summer of 2005 he spent seven weeks working in the West Bank with the International Solidarity Movement. Over the past two years he has been developing a solo performance about his experience as a Jewish Canadian working in solidarity with Palestinians. I Met a Man in Jenin, is the culmination of this work.

Presented with the generous support of Origins Theatre Projects

More info: 604 731 1714 or betterthanamos@yahoo.ca

Origins Theatre Projects was also pleased to be an Associate Producer of the Tickle Trunk preview production of their latest literacy play. Presented for free at Gordon Elementary School, April 2007. Congratulations.

More congratulations are sent out to Donard Mackenzie, our Artistic Director who graduated from UBC's MFA Creative Writing program. His play Cherry Blossoms was given a workshop production at UBC's Dorothy Somerset Studio.

Origins Theatre Projects is currently in development for some exciting projects. Return here for more details.

2005-2006 Artistic Season Summary

Celebrate World Theatre Day with Origins Theatre Projects March 27 2006, and with the GVPTA on Granville Island Free!

To celebrate World Theatre Day, Origins supports a scholarship prize for UBC’s playwrighting program as part of UBC’s Brave New Playwrights.

Call for Submissions
Gordon Armstrong Playwrights Rent Award 2006
accepted applications March 15th 2006.
This program continues to be available for playwrights throughout B.C.

The Gordon Armstrong Playwright’s Rent Award presentation was presented at the Jessies Nomination party in May. Lucia Fragione was the recipient this year.


Last year we focused on public development of new projects including a workshop production of the BC historical play Ginger Goodwin by renowned playwright Bryan Wade, featuring a cast of ten.

This event was presented for free at the Dorothy Somerset Studio at UBC and donations were gratefully accepted.

We also presented readings for the membership of projects in development and under consideration for production in future seasons.

We also further established new producing ties with the University of British Columbia. We looked to collaborate with past partners in Victoria as a means of extending our work.

Literacy Project Staged Reading:

We presented in association with Tickle Trunk Players the literacy play Poetic License. This show was a particular success and was presented for free for 400 students at Lord Roberts Elementary School this past season.

Origins Theatre Projects serves our community. We offer discounted and free tickets available to social services agencies. We also offer theatre workshops, and collaboration and support for independent projects. Send us an email outlining your organization, and the request.

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Origins Theatre Projects Society
Artistic Season
Calendar of Events 2004-2005

Ginger Goodwin, New Play Artistic Development-
Ongoing thru the season

Play reading Series—Community Service Events
Open for anyone to participate
Kits Neighbourhood House, fall 2004
Free Admission Total: 21

Beggars At the Waters Of Immortality, Preproduction, Fall 2004
Beggars At the Waters Of Immortality, PRODUCTION, January 2005

All Performances at Pacific Theatre, 12th and Hemlock, Vancouver
Preview Dress, Thursday January 13thth 8pm, Admission Free by Donation

Opening Performance, Friday, January 14th, all shows 8pm unless noted otherwise

Performance Two, Saturday January 15th, 2pm Matinee
Performance Three, Saturday, January 15th,
Performance Four, Tuesday, January 18th
Performance Five, Wednesday, January 19th
Performance Six, Thursday, January, 20th
Performance Seven Friday January 21st
Performance Eight, Saturday, January, 22nd, 2pm Matinee
Performance Nine, Saturday, January, 22nd
Performance Ten, Tuesday, January 25th
Performance Eleven, Saturday, January 26th,
Performance Twelve, Tuesday, January 27th
Performance Thirteen, Wednesday, January 28th
Performance Fourteen Thursday, January, 29th, 2pm Matinee
Performance Fifteen Friday January 29th

This production included availability for discounted and free tickets for students, limited wage earners,


Mr. Mr
Kits Neighbourhood House Winter Festival

Featured Presentation
Everyone Invited, Free Admission
Total Attendance 155

Theatre Games and Career Experience Workshops
Tupper Secondary School, Vancouver School Board
also offered to GAB Youth programs

Open Rehearsal for Members and Invited Guests
Ginger Goodwin, a feature length play, from B.C.’s early history
Dorothy Somerset Studio, UBC, March 6th, 2005 7 PM
Provided Free of Charge
Total Attendance: 16

Annual General Meeting June, 17th, 2004
and Gordon Armstrong Playwright’s Rent Award, Cabaret
La Tizaine Restaurant,
Cabaret Readings, and Songs, AND Comedy
Featuring volunteer artists
Free Admission
Donations Accepted to support the
Gordon Armstrong Playwright’s Rent Award
Everyone Invited
Total Attendance 43


This year we had one less production in our artistic season due to more limited funds. Appropriately, we focused our public attention on donated and free means of reaching the public. Our featured work this year was less issue-driven, with an emphasis on poetry and art.

We were pleased to work with co-op of artists brought together as Dumb Prophet to present rarely produced classic plays by the founder of Irish theatre, W. B. Yeats. To help connect the public to his work, we conceived and helped our production partners implement a marathon reading of his poems and plays dubbed the Yeats-A-Thon. Admission was free by donation with all proceeds going to the charity, the Actors Fund of Canada. The event featured writers and actors from the professional community donating their time to read for the general public.

Yeats-A-Thon, Sunday January 9th, 10am to 10pm
at the Chapters on Robson, Vancouver.
Admission Free
Estimated participation by all involved is 675

Academic Connections

We also began a new relationship with UBC, which has been helping connect theatre students with the professional community.

Parents Workshop

Our last project this season will continue into the next season. We conceived and facilitated an
Artists as Parents Workshop Discussion, Spring 2005,
as part of GVPTA Theatre Conference, 2005
Free open to the professional theatre community and the public

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Origins Theatre Projects Society Artistic Season
Calendar of Events 2003-2004

Yellow On Thursdays
Pre-production-Rehearsals-Public Relations
Various Venues January thru April 2003

Yellow on Thursdays, Production
All Performances at Performance Works on Granville Island

Preview Dress, Thursay March 20th 8pm
All Proceeds to The Gordon Armstrong Playwright’s Rent Award

Opening Performance, Friday, March 21st all shows 8pm unless noted otherwise
Performance Two, Saturday March 22
Performance Three, Tuesday March 25,
Performance Four, Wednesday March 26
Performance Five, Thursday March 27th
Performance Six, Thursday March 27th, 1pm, Special High-School Matinee
Performance Seven Friday March 28th
Performance Eight, Saturday March 29th
Performance Nine, Sunday March 30th 4pm

Audience Education and Outreach
The theme of Yellow On Thursdays is respecting people’s individual differences, and what happens when people do not respect such differences. The play is the event around which we build media education stories on this and related subjects. Through the media, we are able to get stories about the subject written that would not have otherwise been written if we did not produce the play. For example, Georgia Straight wrote an article that drew attention to the play and the plight of teenagers who attempt or commit suicide because of confusion over sexual orientation. Our play program contained educational essays and information on these subjects as well.

Our campaign included posters, 10 bus shelter adds, 3 media releases and handbills. The reviews of the play also served as an excellent means of audience education on these subjects. The number of people that benefited from this deliberate strategy is appropriately large.

Happy Anarchist
Pre-Production, February thru April 2003
Various Venues

Happy Anarchist, Site-Specific Co-Production, Limited Seating
The New Amsterdam Café, 301 West Hastings St.

Performance One, Tuesday, April 15th
Performance Two, Wednesday, April 16th
Performance Three, Thursday, April 17th
Performance Four, Tuesday, April 22nd
Performance Five, Tuesday, April 23rd
Performance Six, Wednesday, April 24th
Performance Seven, Thursday, April 25th
Performance Eight, Tuesday, April 29th
Performance Nine, Wednesday April 30th


Mr. Mr
Family Weekend Camp
May 9th 2003
Performances Provided Free of Charge by Origins

Kits Neighbourhood House Winter Festival
Featured Presentation
Everyone Invited, Free Admission

Theatre Games and Self-Confidence Workshops
GAB Youth, The Centre
Provided Free of Charge for all attending

Also offered for the Gathering Place but post-poned to next season

Open Rehearsal for Members and Invited Guests
Yellow On Thursdays
The Gathering Place
March 11th, 2004, 2pm
Provided Free of Charge

Doubting Thomas, New Reading
October 21st 2004
2065 West 5th Avenue
Provided Free of Charge

Preview Presentation
January 7th 2004
Provided Free of Charge
Total Attendance: 9

Annual General Meeting
Part 1 March 21, and Part 2 June 17th 2003

World Theatre Day Cabaret
Performance Works, Granville Island

March 27th
Joy Coghill, Reading the World Theatre Day Message
Cabaret Readings and Songs
Featuring volunteer artists Adam Joe, Michael Charrois, and Donard MacKenzie

Free Admission
Donations Accepted to support the Gordon Armstrong Playwright’s Rent Award
Everyone Invited

Production of Blink and Celebration of the 10th Anniversary of VIFVF
December 2003 to January 2004
Short Film, Commissioned by CineVic in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of the
founding of the Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival
Origins Theatre Projects cofounded this event as our final Victoria based project.

Blink Presentation for the Decade Project at the VIFVF
Victoria Music Conservatory, February 4th 2004
Total Attendance: (est.) 175
Artistic Season Review and Project Development
Ongoing thru winter 2003-2004

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Past productions

  • Telling Tales/Touching Tongues  with scripts by Sara Graefe and Ann Fleming

  • Origins at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre May 2000, directed by Donard MacKenzie
  • Yellow On Thursdays  by Sara Graefe Workshop Production 

  • Origins at Firehall  Arts Centre, 99,  Directed by Kim Seary
  • Ambushed by Karen Wickberg workshopped and produced by Origins- 

  • Directed by Pam Johnson, at Gastown Studio Theatre,98
  • Wasps written and directed by Sally Clark Origins at Vancouver Little Theatre, 97
  • Chalk Body, by Teresa Timpson Workshop Production, Origins 

  • at the Vancouver Cultural Alliance, 96, directed by Kim Seary
  • Blue Dragons, by Gordon Armstrong, westcoast Premiere Origins at Firehall Arts  96

  • directed by Roy Surette, with Jonathan Teague 
  • Diary of a Madman, adapted for the stage by Donnard MacKenzie, 

  • at the Gastown Studio Theatre, summer 95
  • The Waltonsteins, written and produced by Frannie Sheridan, a collaboration with 

  • Origins Theatre Projects, at Gastown Studio Theatre, summer 95
  • The Poet, Friend and Dark Lady, an original creation inspired by Shakespeare’s Love Sonnets, Canadian Fringe Festival Tour 94, Directed by Rod and Christine Menzies. Pick of the Fringe in three cities!! Built in Vancouver.

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Selected Community Building Projects

  • Delvecki’s Closet Associate Producer with Section 8 Productions, at  the Vancouver Fringe 99, winner best Festival production 2000, directed by Craig Hall
  • Till I am Myself Again, coproduction written and directed by Craig Hall,

  • Vancouver Fringe 2000
  • Persephone’s Dreams, Tandem Productions, Fringe 2000, Jessie Nominee
  • The Dali/Bundy Exhibit…Kevin Conway, Fringe 2001, Presentation House Pick
  • The Happy Anarchist, Michael Charois, Site Specific workshop 2002, Performance 2003

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Selected Victoria Projects

  • Transit Song, by Marcus Hondro   New Play/Origins at Theatre Inconnu 92
  • Blake on a Bed of Dreams by Stanley Frieberg,  Open Space Gallery Victoria
  • A Good Place, written and directed by Donnard MacKenzie Short Video
  • Spring Awakening, by Frank Wedekind, Directed by Donnard MacKenzie

  • Kaleidoscope Theatre/Origins Theatre, 23 person cast with young people 

    and professional actors and live music, 1993
  • Julius Caesar  directed by Karen Rickers, Victoria Studio Theatre 1994 

  • playing to both public and 5 performances for  students studying the play
  • Wooden Nickels,   Film presented with a live-staged monologue,

  • Various dates, both Vancouver and Victoria, written and directed by Donnard MacKenzie

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