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Written by Karen Wikberg
First Produced June 1998, Gastown Globe Theatre:

Starring Brahm Taylor, Lisa Bayliss, Donnard MacKenzie, and Nicolle Nattrass

Directed by Pam Johnson

Set Design by Craig Hall

Costumes by Tyler Tone

Lighting by Del Surjick

Sound by Attila Clemman


Donnard MacKenzie and Nicolle Nattrass

Publicity Still (left-right) Brahm Taylor, Lisa Bayliss, Donnard MacKenzie and Nicolle Nattrass

Photos by Janet Baxter


“A whole lot of tension, and surprisingly much humour, keeps Ambushed clicking along. Directed by Pam Johnson with a very simple but effective set by Craig Hall, Ambushed is powerfully honest.”
The Vancouver Courier

"Ambushed touches on highly charged issues such as sexual abuse of children and the effects of addiction on the family. It also reveals the complex nature of the disease where denial is part of the family package. Ambushed packs a powerful punch. It is a piece of stagecraft the successfully underscores the company’s mandate of creating works with a social and community purpose as well as being artistically exciting and challenging”
The Celtic Review

"It’s one of the strongest most complete productions I have seen in a good long while. …(The Cast’s) interaction together is super sharp, but what is truly revealing are the individual solique playwright Wikberg gives each character. Usually addressed to some social services bureaucrat, they uncover a clockwork of dysfunction and a system that patronizes and disempowers the economically disatvantaged.”

The Westender


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