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Diary of A Madman 

by Gogol

Adapted by the company for the stage
Directed by the company

Acted by Donnard MacKenzie

Technical Direction Johnathan Teague

This one person show was a remount for our company as part of the Summer Play Parade at Gastown Studio Theatre in 1995.  Our company was still based from Victoria at this time. Diary of A Madman was critically acclaimed and a Pick of the Fringe, and was an early exploration by our company of adapting classic texts for a contemporary performances.  First produced in 1986, this was its final run for Origins Theatre Projects.

"The play features a comic look at a low grade civil servant’s descent into madness.  Gogol is known for his deft combination of tragedy and comedy, and that also became a feature of Origins’ s productions. The constant sense of comedy poised on the edge of pain makes diary dynamic.” 
Edmonton Sun 

“...tres grande qualite.” 
Le Soliel

Photo by Saul Arbess

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