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The Poet, The Friend and The Dark Lady — Shakespeare’s Love Sonnets


Western Canada Fringe Tour 1994
Preview in Vancouver, June 1994

Directed by Rod and Christine Menzies

Acted by Donnard MacKenzie, Linda Racine, and Kevin Stewart

Tour Manager Niki Blakely

Costumes/Set Maya Ishura


(left-right) Donnard MacKenzie, Kevin Stewart and Linda Racine

Photo by Chris Woodland

Origins began its move to Vancouver from Victoria by touring Canada’s Fringe Festivals with this production.  Directed by National Voice Intensive faculty and acted by National Voice Intensive graduates, this was another critically acclaimed production. The love triangle inherent in the sonnets were arranged into a menage a trois story  that moves through each couple’s meeting, longing, loving, and losing.  The taughtly constructed sonnets provided a base to profoundly explore many layers of sensual love, and marks Origins interest in exploring social issues through rarely produced classic text.

“The Bard Sizzles!  More passion than a whole season of Melrose Place.” 
Winnpeg Free Press

“Love, Lust, Passion, Poetry... wonderful.”  
Saskatoon Star-Phoenix

“Erotic imagery takes graceful dance-like moves...Adapting the sonnets work well.” 
The Edmonton Journal

“Thoughtfully constructed...impressionistic.”
Victoria Times-Colinist

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