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A subversive comedy about love and family; fetishes and librarians.

Production Credits:
Written and Directed by  Sally Clark * * *

Presented by Origins Theatre Projects Featuring Jillian Fargey, Mark Weatherley,  Steve  Campbell-Hill, 

and Peg Christopherson, Lesley Ewen, Christine Willes

Sets/Lights by Yvan Morrisette and Costumes by Tyler Tone

Stage Manager Sharon Thompson

at the Vancouver Little Theatre, 15th and Main, back entrance.

October 9, 10, 11, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 all shows 8pm *** Tickets $12.00/15.00

Tickets/Info Call 608-7422   2 for 1 on Tuesday October 14th

Jillian Fargey as Val and Lesley Ewen as Marg



Mark Weatherly as Cyril
photos by Janet Baxter

Photos by Janet Baxter


NEW PLAY WASPS BY MAJOR PLAYWRIGHT OPENED OCTOBER 9 1997 Origins Theatre Projects was delighted to have produced Sally Clark’s new version of her comedy WASPS, a large cast romp of a play through various social issues, and  many laughs along its subversive way. 

What is WASPS about? What Adults Say Prior To Sex....  White Anglo Saxon Protestants... An insect that stings, but doesn’t produce any honey...  This and a huge case of unrequited love and lust surround  Val,  a just turned 30 librarian,  who has fallen passionately for a man named Cyril, “quirks and all.”  Their  marriage might have been  wonderful,  if only Cyril had remembered  his other lovers.  Good thing Val has her celibate lesbian friend ,and Book-Repo officer, Marge for gruff comfort.  And Val might find satisfying solace  from Cyril’s abusive sister and twisted family past, with Andrew, that tall, dark, delinquent borrower.

Sally Clark is perhaps best known for her award-winning play Moo  directed by Vancouver Playhouse’s  new Artistic Director, Glynis Leyshon.  Her work produced around North America includes:  Lost Souls and Missing Persons; Life without Instruction; and St. Francis of Hollywood.  Her plays are noted for their wit, humanity, and a “hit the ground running” quality. Wasps is now published. This was Sally Clark’s debut as a theatre director of her own work. 

John Armstrong, Vancouver Sun

“Wasps is driven by rage at hypocrisy, a wild appreciation for the absurdities of sex, and the good old fashioned evil pleasure of of watching somebody else have a really, really bad time...Wasps is about cultural absurdities as they’re manifested through character...the excellent cast of this production is more than up to the task…There’s lots to like— Yvan Morrissette’s set, with its camp array of kitchen cabinets—which like a a kind of insane advent calendar conceal unlikely surprises; Clark’s assured direction….”
Colin Thomas, Georgia Straight


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